Clothing that

casual wear for social occasions


casual wear for social occasions after get off work. How to judge the fabric of the clothes to be purchased? It's actually very simple. It mainly depends on the ingredient label. Clothing that does not have an ingredient label or does not match the label will not be considered

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 If there is a label, it goes without saying that silk, hemp, and cotton. If you want to identify new shop synthetic fibers, you need to remember these Costume terms. New solvent-processed fiber, tencel, regenerated cellulose bustier fiber, etc., these are all improved The garment made of chemical fiber is extremely breathable.
In addition, from the appearance and structure of the fabric

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the lighter and thinner the fabric, the larger the pores, the cooler the fabric, but there size some elastic fibers, such as chemical fiber and spandex, although they also have the characteristics of lightness and thinness, but because it is not improved chemical fiber, so Poor air permeability, clothes will stick to your body when you sweat, so you should pay attention malls distinguish it when buying

To wear cool in summer, clothes should be looser, especially openings such as collars, sleeves, and trouser legs should be opened wider


Jeans and tights are not suitable for summer wear. Flare skirts and dresses can produce greater blasting effect when walking